This is a thank you and a good bye, for now anyway...

I have had a blast these last 5 years discovering, learning about and selling very cool furniture to some really great people. Though selling furniture was the end result the reason I stayed with this was indeed the people I interacted with: customers, friends and vendors on a daily basis. You brought joy, laughter and satisfaction to me.
It is true that I was naive when I started this but I will be forever grateful I tried. I learned a lot and have had a chance to see the course of where and how sales for anything will be happening in the future, until that future shifts… and oh, it will.
Please take a moment before you make a purchase from someone you see all over TV or the internet or print media(if you even look at print media) and wonder how is it  they can afford all those millions and whether there might be a smaller or local or more obscure company that might offer the same thing for less or better or  whatever ’cause if we don’t we WILL end up with far fewer options.
If you ever want to talk furniture, design ideas, trends you can find me at or call me at (916) 220-0052.
Time for woodworking class….