Mixing n Matching Tables n Chairs….Height Matters!

Mixing and matching tables and chairs is a fabulous look and a great way to have different styles create a unique and personal look. Most of us have been warned about being “too matchy, matchy” as eclectic is now in. We offer you a vast variety of choices.

Whichever way you decide, it is IMPERATIVE that you make sure the height of the chair seat is appropriate for the table height. I once owned a great set of upholstered Parsons chairs for my Thomasville dining table…unfortunately I felt like “Edith Ann” sitting at the grownups table as did all my guests. I had to supply cushions for people to sit on. I replaced those chairs with our Delfin dining chairs and I made sure the height of the seat was perfect for the table. For me 11″-13″ from chair seat to table top is most comfortable. I am pretty evenly divided leg vs torso(rats, would love more leg) but that too could make a difference. Just take a moment and check what your comfort zone is. Learn from my mistakes…..


Bar, Counter and Table Height…..what IS the dif?

Dining chair, counter stool, bar chair, so what’s the difference? Well, we have tried not to use stool and chair interchangeably as it will get confusing. I consider a stool to be without a back. Something you perch on. Conversely a chair has some sort of a back for support. They are generally considered the same but I still prefer to distinguish between back and no back.

There are 3 different heights we are talking about when we use dining, counter and bar as descriptions.

A dining chair is made for a standard height table. That means the table surface is somewhere, usually, between 29″- 30″ off the floor. Chair seats are then anywhere from 16″ to 18.5  from the floor. Most of our chairs are 17″-18.5″ from the floor. This is why I have the topic “dining chairs vs dining tables” in this section. Even an inch can make a difference on how well a chair fits a table and how you feel sitting at that table.

Counter height refers to stools and chairs that are made to fit a counter height of 35″-36.5″ from the ground.  A standard counter height chair seat is from 24″-26″ from the floor. We offer a variety of adjustable chairs and stools that will raise and lower to fit BOTH counter and bar height tables, so you can have the exact fit you want.

Bar height refers to the tallest table or “bar” height table. That table top is 41″-43″ from the floor. The bar stool or chair seat is 28.5″-30″ from the floor.

All bar/counter chairs and stools have either a foot ring or rail to rest ones feet on. Hope this helps!

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Trends 2016

Happy New Years Day!

I am always interested in what current and continuing trends are happening in furniture and lighting for obvious reasons. This is why I love going to the Las Vegas furniture show twice a year. It’s insanely huge and covers hundreds of categories above and beyond simply furniture and lighting. One does have to plan their days as it would be very easy to wander for weeks let alone the 2 or 3 days I am there. With that said there are many other streams from which to pick trends. Vendors, magazines, blogs, on-line posts and the ever present HGTV all contribute to narrowing in on what is and remains a trend.

I believe we need to be careful about “trends and “trendy” I would say that the “color of the year” by Pantone, though fun, is trendy, a passing fancy. It can indicate a shift in industry preferences from say moody, darker colors to light and bright pastels. Sometimes I see both, a breathless announcement that pale blue is the new “it” color and another announcement that “moody and dark” are all the rage. I would say that this proves that pretty much everything goes. With the enormous and at times fanatical following HGTV inspires you can find just about any trend to support what you want to do. This can also lead to a paralysis due to overwhelming options. Houzz and Pinterest, though I am on both, definitely adds to the avalanche of ideas and choices. Yes, now more than ever we can find ideas and inspirations and that is terrific but how do we sort out all the noise to narrow in on what we want? That is a big question and one I want to explore further in small bites in upcoming weeks.

Right now, for fun and interest I want to list some of what I read and see as being trends for 2016. Most are “continuing” as that is what a trend is…until it’s not. Some seem to be new or at least gaining recent currency. For what it’s worth, here they are:

1-Colored Metals– especially rose gold and brass (hello brass, weren’t you the thing in the 70″s?) If you see it in jewelry you can bet you are going to see it in the home goods given a bit of time.  Many, many new items. It will take me a while to add them all. Watch for weekly promotions.

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2-Organic Shapes and Materials– burl like wood shapes paired with resin, rough cut wood paired with metal and glass all bring in a rustic element. Great in a refined, finished room or works well with the urban industrial vibe. Adds a bit of the unusual, organic feel.

3-Black Accents and Texture– be it faux fur on a stool or a velvet arm chair texture remains a huge element. Even in a monochromatic room by adding texture in your textiles, rugs, even wall art, you add interest. Nubby linens add a subtle texture to color and leather and velvet are big in chairs, benches and sofas. Black legs on tables, chairs, sofas and lighting adds a grounding of dark. Black also is seen in furniture frames, stair railings and trim. Black packs a punch and a splash of sophistication even in small doses.

This should be enough to get the mind going for now but by no means is this all that remains big for 2016. I will continue with more trends in my next blog later this week. Shiny and Bright, Color and Industrial Vibe all remain strong going into 2016 as well as a few others. Till then, Thanks.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Stylish Stacking Chairs

There is no reason not to have enough chairs to host a dinner or party, especially now. You can choose from a variety of color, materials, styles and prices and then stack them up and put them away..or not( I find myself leaving my Casper chairs out for daily use) Floor pillows only go so far and eating a holiday meal perched atop one can get….tricky. Join the world of adult entertaining and stock up on stylish, stacking chairs. Easy to use, easy to store and many work inside or outside. Add some pizzaz to your holiday entertaining, parties and then use them all year long too. You may find yourself them using them daily they are just that great.

Yikes! Company is Coming

Is it about time to update and replace your dining table and perhaps chairs too? If it’s a consideration 2 Women and A Chair can help you. Not only do we have what you see on the modernwow.com website there are many, many more available so give me a call or email and lets talk about what you want. What will fit your room, style and budget? Do you have an idea but need to bounce it off someone? Do you know your style, do you have a style? Don’t stress, send an email or call me.

Be it a chunky wood table paired with cool modern chairs or a glass table with metal legs and rustic chairs we can find something to fit your style and wallet. We are budget friendly ands quality conscious so do not stress, let us help!

Why Reproductions?

Classic design is classic for a reason.

We respect, honor and appreciate the contributions the designer made to the world we live in however mid-century modern design was meant for the “masses” The original intent was for the average person to afford to have modern design available for their daily use, to use and enjoy and they did!

Now, due to market forces, copyrights and family legacies those original designs are in museums or priced for the 1%. Fine, nothing wrong with that but we at 2WC believe we all deserve access to well made, smart, classic, gorgeous furniture. Reproductions? Yes, and proud of the quality, style and selection. Now, we too can enjoy, savor and pass along the delight of well designed furniture and have something left to furnish the rest of the room with. MODERN FURNITURE FOR ALL!

Industrial Style

Interest is created when a variety of color, texture and materials are used together. Perhaps more of one than another but some combo of these will work well to create a room of interest, comfort and warmth. Whether you have an industrial style, open space where the actual construction materials become very much a part of the design or a more traditional space where you want to add an industrial and nostalgic feel, the use of basic construction elements in furniture does take us back to the factories and warehouses that built this country.This adds both a nostalgic and visual appeal. The use of rougher wood, darker metal, the rusted metal of the lighted signs, metal wheels and threaded screw top bar stools all contribute to the overall feel of what once was. This can be interesting, attractive and comforting all of which we want in our most personal of places.


Bumble Bee Bold

There are many classic looks and one I have always thought fresh, fun and oh so sharp is black and yellow. Truly, the black is even better as a dark gray as the contrast still works  but the look is just a bit softer. Black accents, a bit of shine in a chrome or even brushed aluminum and you have a very stylish look, the bold bumble bee. If the sharp black appeals, you could use black leather sofa and chairs with the softening of yellow and gray accents. Yellow brings that dash of happy to an otherwise cool room and makes the elegance of black or gray “pop” Who doesn’t need a dash of happy on a daily basis?

Color Counts

There are few of us who do not respond to color. Be it in our clothing, jewelry, yards or homes we gravitate towards certain colors. I have noticed my preferences with time have evolved from the cooler tones to far more vibrant in both my clothing and home choices. With that said, I still struggle with what color and how much I want to use when it comes time for change. I am a firm believer in adding color, be it bright or more subdued and layering more color on that initial choice to add interest and vibrancy. Here are a few basic suggestions that might help you get started.

1- It’s easier to base initial choices off of something you have already and love. A carpet you inherited or have in another room, a piece of artwork or a beautiful vase you just love. Is there a piece of fabric or a shirt or a pillow you just won’t part with? Think about what you might have already and love as a jumping off point.

2- Start with three colors; a light neutral, a dark neutral and an accent color. Decide where and how you want to use these colors. Do you prefer neutral walls and color in furnishings and rugs? Do you want the color on the wall and/or ceiling and have neutral furnishings overall?

3- Once you have narrowed in as to how you want to use the colors you choose you can then consider the intensities or “hue” of your accent color. You may choose to have multiple colors but keeping them all of a hue so as to keep the colors from becoming chaotic. The color that becomes the dominant hue depends on your personal preference and comfort level. This allows you to play with lots of color but keep it under control…if control is what you want. Otherwise introduce more color as your comfort level allows.

3- Pick paint last, really. It’s an easy jumping off point but I have often boxed myself in and had to have my husband paint my way out (he’s a waay better painter and still willing to do it…whew) Paint, though a bit of a pain, is the least expensive and “easiest” to change. Paint can be coordinated with anything so pick the less flexible room elements first, commit and then decide which paint to choose.

Have fun! Make mistakes, learn and move on….

Tulip Time in August

Yes, these are the dog days of summer but it is also Tulip Time here at 2|W|C.
One of the best quotes I have yet to come across from the brilliant innovators of mid-century design was by Eero Saarinen. In a 1956 cover story in Time magazine, Eero Saarinen said that “the underside of typical tables and chairs makes a confusing, unrestful world,” and that he was designing a collection to ‘clear up the slum of legs in the U.S. home.’ Later that year, he completed his Pedestal Table (1956) with its cast aluminum base inspired by a drop of high-viscosity liquid. His now-iconic Pedestal Table was made from scratch and chip resistant fiberglass. It has commonly been referred to as the “ Tulip Table”
I find it hard to look at a table with legs and NOT think “slum” though there are many tables I love and use that do have legs, he made a good point. Between the chairs and table legs it does get forest like down there. In honor of a great observation and brilliant innovator we are featuring pedestal tables, both dining and occasional and chairs as well. Here’s to your own urban renewal!

**Just in case you have an “accident” here is a link to an article I found on Apartment Therapy.